Steps To Takes After Setting Up Your New Blog

You installed your new blog. You have a theme you like. What now?
Here is a list of thing you can do right after setting up your blog. This will help you get your online presence established quickly and easily.

1. About Page:
Add and About Page. This is very Important as it tell your visitors about you and or your company. People like to know who or what they are dealing with. Don't skip this step.

2. Blog Categories:
Add your Blog Categories. Maybe you are doing this for the first time and you are not sure of all the categories you will use as yet. No problem, give it some thought. Based on your blog's niche, add some categories that you think will fall under your niche. You can always edit them later.

3. Seach Engine Optimization:
It is not as hard as it sounds. Remember your are using WordPress so there is a plugin for that. My SEO plugin of choice is Platinum SEO Pack Just login your admin, go to Plugin/Add New and type in Platinum SEO Pack. Install directly from your admin area without having to download it to your computer.
Visit the plugins options and insert the information to make your blog ready for the search engines.

4. Custom Permalinks:
Another simple step to make your blog search engine friendly and your links easy to remember for your readers. For you new to this, your blog automatically set the links to your post in a sturcture like this

Not very search engine friendly. Go to your setting/permalinks tab. Select Custom Structure and add this


to the box.
This will give your blog post a nice clean link.

5. Set up a Feed:
Blog and Feeds are like horse and carriage. Add a button to your site so that your visitors can subscribe to your feed. To go further you should also set up a Feed Burner account at Burn your feed and redirect your feed to the new url you will get from Feed Burner. To help you redirect your feed you should download and install the FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin.

6. Contact Page:
If you want your readers to contact you then a contact page is a must. You can add a page with simple contact instruction or you can use a plugin and add a contact form for your readers to use. I personally use Contact Form 7. They are many more so you can use any one you wish.

7. Content:
The reason you wanted a blog was to write so what on earth are you waiting for? Write, Write, Write.

They are a lot more things you can do to fully optimize your blog to maximize your web presence. I will be sure to add more detailed post about some of the things I mentioned in this one and add more things you can do later. For now, if you are new to blogging, this is where you can start.

Posted on Mar 29, 2009

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