Here are some simple steps to take to customize your WordPress Blog.

1. Your Theme:
Find a great WordPress theme, Your WordPress theme will give your blog the look you want and help identify it form others.
You can find thousands of themes online. Start at the WordPress Themes site. Find a free theme you love. You can also find free themes on other sites. Another option is getting Custom Design WordPress Theme. This will cost you a small investment but it is totally worth it as you will have a theme that no one else has. Make sure your theme is widget ready.

2. Widgets:
Your widget helps you to organize how much and what information you want to show up on your site and mainly your sidebars. Add and organize them just the way you want them. You can play around with different arrangements till you find the perfect one for you.

3. Plugins:
Plugins expand the functions of your WordPress blog and can be one of your greatest assets as a blogger. You will almost always have a new feature you wish you and on your blog and most likely their is a plugin out there that can do it. Start by searching the WordPress Plugins Site.

4. About Page:
An about page is very important to you readers. Add your about page and give your readers some information about you and or your company if applicable. This will great increase your online presence.

5. Contact:
Add a contact page with the information you want people to contact you with. If you don't want your email address to be public you can install a contact form plugin. Your users will use the form to contact you. See how useful wordpress plugins can be?

You have the basics down now start posting on your blog.

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Posted on May 2, 2009

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