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A Gravatar also known as (Globally Recognized Avatar) is just an image you will use to identify you when you comment on your blog or other peoples blogs.

Using a Gravatar for your blog will help you keep a consistent online image and build a relationship with your readers. The question is where do you get one and how to start using it. Well that's easy.

Step 1.
Find that cool photo you want to sue as your Gravatar. It may be already on your computer, or you can use your digital camera or web cam to take it.

Step 2.
Go to This is where you will create your Gravatar and get it ready for the world to see absolutely free. Click on sign up and create your account. NOTE; Use the email address you will be using to comment on blogs to sign up. Your Gravatar and email address go hand in hand.
You will get a confirmation link in your email. Click and respond to that link.

Step 3.
Browse and upload your image. You will have the option to crop your image.
You can drag the image to the perfect size and position you want. You can see what your Gravatar will look like.

Step 4.
Once you have the look you want, go ahead an crop that image. You will now be asked to rate your gravatar. You know what you will be using it for so select your rating.

Step 5.
Now all you have to do is associate your Gravatar with your email address. You can use different Gravatars with different emails if you want.
That's it, you're done.

Every time you comment on a blog using your email address you have associated with your Gravatar, it will be displayed.
Happy blogging!

Posted on Apr 20, 2010

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