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You heard about WordPress but you are wondering if it is right for you.

WordPress is Fantastic, I love WordPress. I use it for almost all my web development projects. It is not just for blogging, WordPress can be use to built any kind of site you can imagine.

Reasons to use WordPress

It will cost you nothing to use wordpress and all the available support software like themes and plugins.

2. Easy to Use:
You may be new to WordPress, but with a little dabbling around you will soon have the hang of it and realize it might just be the easiest Content management System you have ever seen. Easy to install and easy to use.

3. Easy to Customize:
You don't have to be a designer to get the best looking site using running on WordPress.
Just look around online for any of the thousands of FREE (there's that word again) WordPress Themes available. You can transform the look of your site in just minutes.

4. Functionality is the word:
What ever task you can imagine for your WordPress site their is likely to be an already existing plugin that can make it happen. If not it can be created. Best of all most plugins can me installed in just a minute and you don't have to know programming to do it.

5. Don't forget the Search Engines.
Wordpress is very search engine friendly right off the bat. However for those that desire some NOS under the hood, they are also plugin for that. Your Site will be as Search Engine Friendly as they come.

6. The Big Finale:
As a WordPress user you are not and never will be alone. Millions of people use wordpress for their blogs and custom developed projects all over the internet. The WordPress community is very large and they are endless resources to help you if you have a question or run into some kind of trouble. Finding a solution to your problem with be very easy and quick.

Of course they are many reasons that can be added to this list. Feel free to add your in the comments.

Posted on Jun 16, 2009

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